Same Day Crowns in Birch Run

Thanks to CEREC technology, same day crowns are a reality for our patients in Birch Run, MI.  Same-day crowns are strong, beautiful and convenient.

In years past, crowns had to be done in two appointments. At the first visit, your tooth would be reshaped for a crown, and a goopy impression was taken. Several weeks later, you would return to the dentist for your permanent crown — after wearing a temporary crown that could often be rough, uncomfortable and sensitive. By getting your crown done in one single visit, Dr. Adam White’s high-tech office can save you time — and a second visit to the dentist.

Our investment in technology means the best dental care for you — including convenient same day crowns. At your next visit with Dr. Adam White, ask about same day CEREC same-day crown technology. Dr. White can share all the important details and his friendly staff can schedule your appointment.

Why is it important to have a perfectly fitted crown?

  • Crowns with a poor fit can trap food, leading to bleeding gums and bad breath.

  • A crown that does not fit well will likely not last long. This can lead to future problems including the need for root canal treatment, or even loss of the tooth.

  • A crown with a poor fit is more likely to fall off, which requires an emergency dental visit. Problems like that seem to happen at the worst possible times (like vacations or holidays).

  • Same crowns by Dr. Adam White are custom made in our office with the best porcelains available. Careful attention to detail ensures that your crown is strong, beautiful and comfortable.

  • Straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth – reduce your chances of gum disease and associated problems, including bad breath.

  • You deserve a healthy, happy mouth.

Same Day Crowns in Birch Run

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